The Electra eCargo, our brand new innovative kerbside collection solution, is built in collaboration with Terberg Matec UK.

The vehicle uses its highly regarded Kerbloader body, making recycling rounds safer and more straightforward than ever while collecting different waste streams simultaneously.

Local air quality improves due to the lack of emissions from the truck, and waste operatives no longer have to breathe in diesel fumes coming from the tailpipe so that they can go home healthier and happier.

The eCargo creates a win-win proposition for recycling fleets around the country. So, why not try this truck out for yourself?

We now have the 12.5-tonne eCargo available for demonstrations, and the 14-tonne version will follow this summer.

Customers can choose two options for either 140 kWh or 210 kWh battery power. It has a DC fast charge capability for opportunity charging and is based on our brand-new Type-Approved chassis here in the UK.

Please arrange your demo today. Contact Terberg Matec UK, at email:

For more information and press enquiries, contact:

Ann-Marie Knegt
Mobile: 07888 692 339