Electra Exchange: Revolutionising Truck Electrification Through Upcycling

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation industry, fleets are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions that not only reduce environmental impact but also offer economic advantages. At Electra Exchange, we provide a service where companies can trade in their diesel vehicles to have them electrified. We believe this can work in a multitude of ways such as – a new chassis with an old body, old chassis and new body, or old chassis and old body. Partnering with third parties, we can refurbish the old chassis/bodies and handle the electrification of all chassis to ensure seamless operation.

With regulations mandating that all new trucks sold must be electric by 2035, there will be thousands of trucks with the potential to be electrified rather than scrapped. Electra Exchange offers a solution to this problem, allowing companies to get ahead of the game. By starting now, companies can see a return on investment within a few years due to lower maintenance costs and improved efficiency. Electra Exchange stands at the forefront of this movement, providing an innovative approach to fleet electrification through upcycling. By converting existing diesel trucks to electric, we offer a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable alternative to purchasing new electric vehicles.

Cost Savings
One of the most significant benefits of Electra Exchange’s upcycling service is the substantial cost savings. Upcycling a fleet’s existing 26-ton diesel trucks to electric can drastically reduce both initial and ongoing expenses compared to buying brand-new electric vehicles. The process involves converting relatively young trucks, typically 3-4 years old, which still have a significant operational lifespan. This strategic approach allows fleets to transition to electric power without the hefty price tag associated with new vehicle purchases. Furthermore, Electra Exchange’s adherence to approved platforms and rigorous testing ensures that upcycled trucks meet all regulatory standards and can be plated at higher weights, providing additional operational flexibility.

Tailored Upcycling
Electra Exchange excels in customising the upcycling process to suit the unique needs of each fleet. Utilising a modular design, the company can adapt its services to various truck platforms, ensuring that the converted vehicles align perfectly with the fleet’s specific requirements. This flexibility allows fleets to maintain operational consistency while benefiting from the latest electric technology. Whether a fleet operates Isuzu, Iveco, Dennis, or Mercedes trucks, Electra Exchange can tailor the upcycling process to enhance performance and efficiency.

Performance and Efficiency
Upcycled electric trucks from Electra Exchange deliver performance, range, and efficiency comparable to new electric vehicles. By enhancing the core structure of existing trucks, Electra Exchange ensures that fleets do not have to compromise on performance to achieve affordability. By applying the same technology and approvals to these vehicles guarantee’s that these upcycled trucks can match the performance of brand-new electric trucks, providing a reliable and efficient solution for fleet operators.

Minimising Downtime and Disruption
One of the critical advantages of Electra Exchange’s service is the minimal downtime required for truck conversion. Electra Exchange can repower a truck in as little as three weeks, significantly reducing the disruption to daily operations. Additional refurbishments, if needed, can be arranged through third-party services, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to electric power. This quick turnaround is essential for fleets that need to maintain high levels of operational efficiency and cannot afford prolonged downtime.

Warranty and Maintenance
Electra Exchange provides a comprehensive warranty for its upcycled electric vehicles, offering peace of mind to fleet operators. The electric components come with a 3-year warranty, while the batteries are covered for up to 8 years. These warranty terms ensure that fleets can rely on their upcycled trucks for years to come, with maintenance requirements similar to those of new electric vehicles. This level of support underscores Electra Exchange’s commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality upcycled trucks.

Target Fleet Age
Electra Exchange believes the upycling of trucks sweet spot to be around 3-4 years old when looking at an RCV base, however this age factor may increase or decrease depending on the customers requirements. This age range ensures that the vehicles have a sufficient remaining lifespan to make the upcycling process a valuable investment. By targeting relatively young trucks, Electra Exchange maximises the utility and return on investment for fleets, and decreases the expenditure on the original truck and body making the transition to electric power both practical and economical.

Upcycling Limitations
While Electra Exchange can upcycle a wide range of truck makes and models, there may be specific limitations based on the platforms currently supported. Fleet operators are encouraged to contact Electra Exchange with details about their vehicles to determine compatibility and explore potential solutions. This proactive approach helps ensure that each fleet can benefit from the upcycling process to the fullest extent possible.

Flexible Financing Options
To make the upcycling process more accessible, Electra Exchange offers flexible financing and leasing options. These financial solutions help fleets manage the transition to electric vehicles without significant upfront costs, making it easier for a broader range of operators to adopt sustainable practices.

Electra Exchange is equipped to handle large-scale upcycling projects, with 21 production bays, including four dedicated to the Electra Exchange program. This capacity allows the company to manage extensive fleets and deliver timely and efficient conversions. Whether a fleet consists of a few trucks or several hundred, Electra Exchange has the infrastructure and expertise to meet the demand.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure
Upcycling through Electra Exchange is designed to integrate seamlessly with a fleet’s charging infrastructure. Leveraging extensive experience, Electra Exchange customises trucks to optimise charging schedules, such as allowing for alternate-day charging. The upcycled trucks are built to last longer on a single charge, ensuring that fleets do not need to make significant modifications to their current infrastructure, or can plan an infostructure install alongside Electra meaning the best outcome is achieved from both the trucks and infostructure. This integration capability makes the transition to electric power smoother and more cost-effective.

Proven Performance
With hundreds of trucks already built and the oldest truck in their data set being over five years old, Electra Exchange has a proven track record of reliable performance. The extensive data collected demonstrates the long-term benefits and operational efficiencies of upcycled electric trucks, providing fleets with confidence in their investment. This proven performance underscores the reliability and effectiveness of Electra Exchange’s upcycling process.

The following trucks can be upcycled right away by Electra Exchange:

  • 18t, 27t, and 32t Econic
  • 18t, 27t narrow and standard width Dennis Eagle
  • 12t, 14t, 18t Iveco Eurocargo
  • 7.5t Isuzu

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