Electra Commercial Vehicles Accelerates Growth with New Brighouse Location

Electra Commercial Vehicles, a pioneering force in the commercial electric vehicle (eHGV) sector, is excited to announce its relocation to a spacious new facility in Brighouse, UK. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment in Electra’s journey, fostering an environment primed for creativity and driving the realisation of the company’s ambitious vision.

The new facility offers several distinct advantages, including:

Expanded Capacity: With increased space, Electra can efficiently scale production across our wide product portfolio that meets the burgeoning demand for its cutting-edge battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric commercial vehicles.

Facilitated Collaboration: Thoughtfully designed workspaces cultivate a collaborative atmosphere, fostering the cross-pollination of ideas and expediting innovation.

Product Innovation Hub: The new facility serves as a dynamic space dedicated to nurturing creativity and innovation, providing a platform for research and development initiatives aimed at pioneering ground-breaking advancements in electric vehicle technology and design.

Training: New dedicated training facility for staff and customers, technical training on Electra product.


Electra: Propelling Toward Continued Expansion

This relocation symbolises not merely a physical transition, but a phase of substantial expansion for Electra, launching `ELECTRA EXchange` concurrently, our new repower division, allowing our customers to upcycle their existing ICE vehicles for new Electra EV power and drive systems – look out for more on this!

As the company amplifies its operations, it actively seeks out talented and passionate individuals to join its expanding team.

“We’re constantly on the lookout for bright minds who resonate with our vision for a sustainable future powered by electric transportation,” Benjamin Smith, Managing Director affirmed. “We eagerly anticipate welcoming new team members who will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the commercial EV industry.”

Electra remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a culture of continual learning and professional development. Existing employees can anticipate exciting opportunities to enhance their skill sets and contribute to the company’s success within the state-of-the-art facility.

This relocation heralds a promising future for Electra Commercial Vehicles. With a steadfast dedication to innovation, sustainability, and its people, the company stands poised to redefine the commercial EV landscape.


About Electra Commercial Vehicles

Electra Commercial Vehicles are pioneers in electric vehicle technology, and leading automotive manufacturing disrupter, established in 2017. Electra creates fully electric, and hydrogen powered commercial vehicles for a global market and a cleaner future – all based on OEM glider chassis platforms. Dedicated to providing sustainable transportation solutions for businesses worldwide. With a focus on performance, efficiency, and reliability, Electra Commercial Vehicle’s range of electric trucks offers industries unmatched versatility and environmental benefits.

“We’re embarking on an exciting new chapter for Electra Commercial Vehicles. Our new Brighouse facility equips us with the space and resources essential not just for streamlining operations, but also promotes our dynamic culture and expertise that fuels collaboration and innovation. This relocation underscores dedication and hard work of our exceptional team, positioning us perfectly to catapult our growth trajectory.”

Benjamin Smith - Managing Director

For more information and press enquiries, contact:

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