Hydrogen as future fuel is well established, green Hydrogen is the most sustainable use of this abundant fuel.

Green Hydrogen is created using electrolyser technologies and the excess energy from wind and solar farms, making it the most sustainable solution.

Electra uses fuel cells powered by hydrogen to combine with its proprietary battery-electric driveline.

Our hydrogen powered fuel cells acts as an onboard power generator that continually tops up the traction battery when operating.

Longer ranges, less fleet downtime.

The combination of fuel cell and battery storage – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles(FCEV) is a strong example of decarbonising transport systems.

This fuel cell and battery combination enables fleet operators to undertake regional and long-haul operations doubling or trebling shifts without needing time to charge.

Chassis Platforms

Delivering clean, noiseless, zero-emission commercial vehicle solutions that exceed diesel performance.

All our vehicles meet and surpass the required standards for zero-emission commercial vehicles.

Zero carbon
Aligned net-zero
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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles FCEV combination delivers on our Net Zero strategy with an exhaust output of pure water this has a tremendous impact on improved air quality.

For this reason, Electra can continue to deliver on our zero-emission goal.

Environmental Benefits.

Provided the source of hydrogen is sustainable, including green hydrogen or yellow hydrogen (created by solar energy), the environmental benefits are tremendous.

The output from the fuel cell is water, which is emitted as the fuel cell operates, generating electric power.