World Class Technology

Electra uses Tier One OEM world class suppliers to produce its 100% electric vehicles.

They pass the most stringent environmental and quality standards in the world of manufacturing and supply.

The supply chain ensures longevity of supply and access to the latest technologies, therefore all our products are cutting edge.


The Lithium battery packs we use are manufactured to a bespoke and secret chemical composition, specially designed for the demanding loads endured in commercial vehicle delivery cycles.

They are 100% recyclable and have a duty cycle, which even for the most demanding charging cycles, ensures a long life with minimal degradation.

With a life expectancy of 10 years plus, you are operating the best in class battery pack for a commercial vehicle.

The battery packs are housed in specially designed fuel tanks, which are located on the side of the chassis rails, just like the standard fitment of the diesel tanks.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The Electra BMS is computer controlled charging and discharge system.

The BMS uses telemetry to monitor and control each battery cell, array and cassette, making sure the cell is working to its optimal state.

The system incorporates solid state liquid cooled controllers and switch gear.

The on board battery charging system allows variable power inputs and controls which each battery cell ensuring optimal charging.

Drive Motor

The Electra drive system uses the heavy duty proven technology of permanent magnet motors.

These motors have years of endurance work on trams and trains behind them and the vehicle application uses standard gearbox mounts and connections to the propshaft.

The permanent magnet drive motors are liquid cooled ensuring they can withstand stop start environments where high torque is utilised by the vehicle.

Auxiliary Drive Pack

As there is no traditional fuel burning engine, the auxiliary systems for air compressors, alternators, & air conditioning are driven by specially designed electric motor packs.

These auxiliary motor packs also can provide power to electric motors to drive hydraulic pumps, refrigeration packs and anything which traditionally requires a power take off (PTO).

Control System

In addition to the BMS, Electra employs CanBus controlled systems to communicate with the standard chassis and bodywork systems on the vehicle.

Utilising bespoke software systems and controllers the control systems work seamlessly with the vehicles systems providing interrupted driver and operator control of the vehicle.

The only additional screen provides battery, motor and EV components information to the driver and sits alongside the standard vehicle dashboard.