Electra Commercial Vehicles

Clean Electric Power for the Commercial Vehicle World

Green Fleet Awards Winner 2018!

Electra Commmercial Vehicles is the 2018 Winner of the GreenFleet award for industry innovation, presented to the organisation that has introduced new technology, practice or method that reduces fuel consumption and emissions and demonstrates innovation in its design and/or implementation.


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Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles

Electra is a UK company with the vision to provide the commercial vehicle operator the clean, zero emission solution for city centre deliveries.

Electra is making city centre delivery a 100% clean and silent operation, allowing minimal impact of vehicles in our environment which are essential to keep our cities running 24 hours a day.

World Class Technology

Electra is bringing world class technology to the commercial vehicle world, converting low entry chassis from Mercedes, Dennis Eagle to 100% electric.

The technical capability of Electra extends to other chassis makes from leading suppliers like DAF, Isuzu, Iveco, MAN and many others.

National Support Network

With its strategic fleet management specialist partner, NRG Fleet Services, Electra has the national network to support its class leading products.

New & Used Vehicles

The Electra technology is 100% recyclable and can convert new or used vehicles to zero emission thus enabling them to work in the most demanding clean air zones.

Strategic Partners

NRG Fleet Services Ltd.

NRG Fleet Services Ltd, are the leading fleet management provider in the UK.

The partnership with Electra includes Sid Sadique the chairman of both companies, ensuring a seamless service between them.

NRG will provide maintenance support, rental and contract hire options, mobile engineering and a 24/7 manned service centre all backed up with the latest IT system via its subsidiary Riverside Truck Rental ltd.

Tyre support will be provided by another NRG subsidiary Direct Tyre Management, DTM, and both companies are located in Skelmersdale.

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CodeSmith Technology Ltd.

CodeSmith Technology Ltd, based in Otley, West Yorkshire, also share Sid Sadique as a strategic advisor.

CodeSmith provide IT support services & mobile application solutions to NRG and other companies, and also hosts the telematics systems employed by Electra.

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Energi Mine Ltd.

Energi Mine Ltd is a leading technology company which uses blockchain and AI to transform how consumers manage their power consumption.

Sid Sadique acts as an advisor to this exciting company who are using crypto currencies in their strategy to allow consumers and companies to pay for their power using a digital coin.

Electric Vehicles and their power use and management is a challenge for the future, and Energi Mine are at the forefront of this technology by using their vast experience of power management to provide charging infrastructure and payment systems.

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Electra CV Technology


Specifically designed for the demands of commercial vehicle delivery cycles, 100% recyclable and a heavy duty charging cycle, ensuring a long life with minimal degredation.

Battery Management

The Battery Management System (BMS) uses telemetry to monitor and control each battery cell, array and cassette, allowing variable power inputs and controls whith each battery cell ensuring optimal charging

Drive Motor

Heavy duty, proven technology magnet motors for years of endurance work, liquid cooled ensuring they can withstand stop start environments

Auxiliary Drive Pack

Specially designed for electric motor packs, which also can provide power to electric motors to drive hydraulic pumps, refrigeration packs and anything which traditionally requires a power take off

Control Systems

CanBus controlled systems to communicate with the standard chassis and bodywork systems, and bespoke software systems and controllers to work seamlessly with the vehicle's systems